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How Do You Overcome Indecision?

What I learned from a very helpful change management consultant was the concept of a learning agenda. And a learning agenda is where you pull together everybody and all of your top management, representing all…

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What’s the Most Surprising Thing You’ve Learned About Your Customers?

Particularly with Cartoon Network, I was dealing with really, two customers, there were the kids and the parents. And I would say the kids surprised me most, by actually how sophisticated they were. We did…

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How Do You Avoid Getting Too Close With Your Employees?

I avoid getting too close with employees, partly by defining my own personal life before going into the job. You can be extremely friendly, you can even do things after work, but my weekends, for…

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How Do You Redefine Culture?

I think one of the important things if one's stepping into a new culture, is, after you've identified what defines it and what's near and dear to people, is to be able to go back…

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What Do You Do About Office Romances?

I never really felt it was my job to split people up. In fact, there were some great marriages that came out of the Cartoon Network. But I think it was because people were spending…

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What’s Your Management Style?

My management style comes out of knowing what the entire continuum is between being completely authoritarian or on the other hand completely consensus manager. And I think I started out actually being more consensus oriented.…

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Have You Ever Hit a Glass Ceiling?

The most telling example of when I realized that there were things I wasn't privy to, by being a woman was when I started being invited to take the corporate jets from Atlanta to New…

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What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Office Politics?

A lot of the politics tends to happen around lack of clarity around roles of people thinking that somebody is or isn't encroaching into their turf or their domain, and then somehow feeling threatened, and…

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What Do You Do When Team Members Fight?

What I would do really varies on, what is this fight about? Is it about something consequential? And we need to just get clarity around what is the goal of whatever they're fighting about. Or…

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What Is the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

I'll give you a really important story, which is there were certain point in time where even my team was, they weren't upset that I was a female. They were upset that within the broader…

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What’s the Most Effective Marketing Technique You Use?

I think the most important marketing technique is to understand as much as you can about the customers. The surprising things, the other things that they might like that are related to what your product…

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How Do You Manage Difficult People and Turn Them Into Team Players?

I do try to work with them on just self awareness about what the impact of their behavior is having on people around them to the degree which strong people actually want people to help…

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What’s Your Biggest Career Mistake?

I think my biggest mistakes tend to be around allowing others to do my bidding, when in fact, the real courageous leader is the one who seeks out whoever they have to seek out, and…

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How Do You Know When Someone Is Ready to Be a Manager?

People are ready to become a manager when they show a lot of innate leadership qualities. I think the really good managers, it's almost like you can't stop them from coming up with the better…

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How Do You Handle Someone Who’s Been Passed Over for a Job?

One instance when somebody was passed over for a job and he was a peer, so I was promoted above this person to become his boss. It was difficult at first, but I felt that…

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"Founding President of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim"

Betty Cohen is a nationally-renowned TV network and digital media executive, as well as advisor and expert in brand creation. She currently develops innovative solutions for trail-blazing companies in fields where learning, technology and entertainment merge. Cohen was the founding President of Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Boomerang and later served as President, CEO of Lifetime Entertainment Networks.

As President of Betty Cohen Media Consulting, Cohen’s clients have included: Speakaboos,, the Fred Rogers Center, Meredith (women’s magazine group) and Paley Center for Media. She has served on the Advisory Boards of RoadTrip Nation, We Are Family Foundation, Startl and Sezmi.

As founding President of Cartoon Network, Cohen launched and grew the network into a global business with $3 billion asset value within 9 years, green-lighting such hit shows as “The PowerPuff Girls,” “Dexter’s Lab” and “Samurai Jack,” as well as launching Cartoon Network Studio, Cartoon, Boomerang and Adult Swim.

As President and CEO of Lifetime Networks, Cohen repositioned the leading women’s network to attract younger and more valued demographics: green-lighting “Army Wives,” Lifetime’s first original dramatic series to become a hit; and transforming Lifetime’s digital offering from purely TV promotional website into a robust business across web, mobile casual games and SVOD.

Cohen has been inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, and received the prestigious “Muse Award” from NY Women in Film and TV. Cohen was named one of "The 50 Most Powerful Women in Business" by Fortune magazine.

Cohen earned a BA in communications from Stanford University, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa.