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What’s the Most Important Skill You Use That School Did Not Teach You?

That's pretty easy, you know. The only skill I actually really have is I have a fascination with the way people think. And most importantly, I spend all my time noticing. And it's the act…

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What's Your Power Outfit?

That's a really interesting question. Nothing, and I don't mean naked. I mean, I don't think I even think about what I would wear to feel powerful. I dress to feel comfortable. I am always,…

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What's the Most Surprising Thing About Being a CEO?

So one thing you have to understand is, like, I was a CEO at 21. So I was thrusted into business selling sweaters door-to-door on college campus, and my brother and I were thrusted in…

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How Do You Make Meetings More Effective?

First of all, I'm not that busy now, which I'm happy to say, 'cause I'm actually, at 63, getting a little more balance in life. Because I'm actually letting people do their work instead of…

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Tell Us About a Mistake You Made and What You Learned

All my biggest mistakes have been actually just what we've discussed. One thing that I know, when I'm in a highly emotional period, when we have that three catastrophe that happens at the same time.…

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What Is a Unique Challenge Faced by Women Entrepreneurs?

10 years ago, I would've said, "A lot, in my opinion." I would've said that, "Forget it, it's impossible, go home, men don't respect you." And maybe I live in an obscure world where I…

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What’s a Specific Problem for Women in the Workplace?

Just to be clear, my, my love is to work with women every respect. And 99% of the people I work with are women. Women in the workplace have extraordinary qualities and they have…

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What Was Your Last Dream?

It was yesterday. It was today, and I woke up because...I think I woke up because of the—I had forgotten to pay a bill and a waitress was running after me and there was something…

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What Happened to You as a Child That Changed Your Life?

Mostly bad. Not much good stuff happened in my childhood, and the reason was, I was born as, probably, one of the most dyslexic, ADD, HDD, DDD, all the D's, you could put them all…

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What Do You Do for Others?

I'm involved in a lot of organizations. Helping in some of the people. I'm a lot involved in the Empathy Foundation, NYU Hospital, where we teach doctors and nurses how to be empathetic. But really, what…

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If You Could Write a Letter to Your 21-Year-Old Self What Would You Say?

Chris, I know every day you have panic and anxiety. I know that you get up in the morning and you fear failure. I know that life is just ahead of you. And you will…

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What Makes Your Blood Boil?

I have three things. I hate entitlement. I know that word hate is a strong word. I do not like people that actually feel like they're better than others. Anyone that would ever treat a…

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When Did Customer Feedback Make You Change Something?

Every single day I change everything for customer feedback. And I then tie it together by what I read and what I don't. But the first time, I think, that I learned about customer feedback,…

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What Do You Do When You Hit a Wall?

So I've really hit some walls. And I think walls are part of everyone's life. And I don't care who you are, you could have a job that is a day-to-day job and you hit…

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What’s the Most Surprising Thing You’ve Learned About Your Customers?

Well, I have so many different customers. So, I'm in the luxury business. Whether it's Tory Burch or whether it's Solid & Stripes, or whether it's my business in the hotels, Nihiwatu, or whether it's…

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What Did You Stop Doing After Becoming a CEO?

I never stopped doing anything, and I haven't to this day. I think most CEOs have a filter, and they have to be like this or be like that. And one of the things...My best…

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What Do You Hope People Get Out of Listening to Your Answers?

Chris Burch: I...Only one thing? Just one thing guys. Just go to bed every night and wish for other people's success. And if you do that, if you really want other people to be more…

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Is It Okay to Get Emotional at Work?

I think emotion is very important. The thing about emotions is, is that...what's the level of emotion? There's times when I have to use anger to actually let people know I'm serious. Sometimes it's not…

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"Co-Founded the Tory Burch brand with his ex-wife"

Chris Burch, Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, has been an entrepreneur and active investor across a wide range of industries for nearly forty years.  He has contributed to the rise of multiple technology and luxury brands, including Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Tory Burch, Poppin and Voss Water.  He is a former board member of Tory Burch, Guggenheim Capital, and The Continuum Group.

Chris’s entrepreneurial success began in 1976, when he was still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. With his brother Bob, he invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye Apparel, a business they grew to $165 million and then sold to Swire Group. After the sale of Eagle’s Eye, Chris was one of the earliest investors in Internet Capital Group, a well-known IPO story in the Internet space.

Chris has invested in several domestic and international real estate ventures, including the development of luxury homes in Nantucket, Palm Beach, Florida, and Southampton, New York, and partnered with architect Philippe Stark and hotelier Alan Faena in Argentina to redevelop an underutilized parcel of land into the Faena Hotel + Universe.  Most recently, he acquired and renovated Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba.

In 2011, Chris launched C. Wonder, an apparel, accessories and home decor retailer, which was later purchased by Xcel Brands.  In July 2014, Chris announced a partnership with beloved entertainer Ellen DeGeneres to launch her lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen Degeneres. Later that year, he launched Cocoon9, luxury prefab homes with space-saving floor plans, contemporary design, energy efficient features, and sophisticated finishes.  Nihiwatu, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Cocoon9 join Chris’s brand portfolio which also includes the hospitality sourcing business Bur+Mah, office supply business Poppin and women's apparel and accessories brand TRADEMARK.  Additionally, he is currently supporting the development of several other lifestyle and consumer products brands, ranging from retail, apparel and home furnishings to the hospitality, organic foods, and technology industries, including BaubleBar, Blink Health, Brad's Raw Foods, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, and Soludos.

Chris was on the board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and is a past president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board.  He has contributed funding toward research and philanthropic initiatives at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, NYU Langone, The Sumba Foundation, The China Association of Social Work, The Child Welfare League of China, and The Henry Street Settlement.