Dan Gilbert

Quicken Loans Founder & Chairman

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How Do You Manage Difficult People and Turn Them Into Team Players?

I used to try to manage difficult people, and I tried, I think, a little bit too long. I frankly think that difficult people have to be fired. And I mean that. They have to…

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What’s an Effective Perk to Attract Top Talent?

I actually think the word perk, and effective perk is sort of a, it's like a sugar high or a sugar buzz, you know, very good for a short period of time, then you crash…

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What Is the Most Important Soft Skill for a Manager?

I think a lot of the soft skills are very important, probably more important than the hard skills, if you will. I think that high level awareness is just probably number one. You know, your…

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What Do You Look for in a Job Candidate?

You know, that changes over time depending on the evolution of your business and maybe even what's going on in the economy, and going on in the tech sector, and going on in your own…

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How Do You Give Critical Feedback?

You know, only your friend tells you you have food on your face. That's a metaphor, obviously, but it can be used on a lot of things, and a lot of areas. Everybody should be…

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How Do You Make a Positive First Impression on Your Team?

Look if you're driven by the right culture and the right philosophy, whether it's the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or 200th impression it should come out of the same place. I mean it's when…

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What Book Changed Your Life?

I read a couple books early on. Tom Peters was very influential on me, from the late 80's. He wrote In Search of Excellence and A Passion For Excellence are two books that I just,…

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How Do You Celebrate Success?

I like the journey. Not to be, again, hokey and cliche on you, but I really do like, I like building things. I always liked building things since I was a little kid. I like…

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How Do You Handle Receiving Criticism?

First of all, I frankly wish that I would receive more of it. I still think, no matter how much somebody who's a leader in a position, maybe I am or others, you can pound…

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How Do You Onboard New College Graduates?

There's an intern program here we started four, five, six years ago that has really blossomed to become a central piece of our recruiting efforts and our talent acquisition. That is it's 13, 14, 1500…

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How Are Millennials Different From Previous Generations Entering the Workforce?

I think Millennials have a little bit different sort of view on the world. I don't think it's dramatically different like everybody tries to play up in this world. You know, they're still human beings,…

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What Do You Do When Team Members Fight?

There's a healthy amount of friction you want to have which means that everybody's expressing their feelings and opinions, and everybody's allowed to do that. So, if everything is honky-dory all the time between everybody,…

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What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Office Politics?

We call them bureauclowns. Because clown is such a great word to put with bureaucrat because a clown is somebody who's really not that funny but puts on a face of trying to be funny,…

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What Mistake Did You Make That You Hope Your Child Doesn't Repeat?

Keeping people around who should not be around you or your business for long periods of time. I think that is more than business, I think that applies to marriages and friends. Obviously, you can't…

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What's Your Biggest Regret So Far?

You know I wrote this one letter after that, our best superstar player [LeBron James] left in 2010, if you haven't heard about it go check it out. Or not. But yeah so I probably…

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What Do You Wish For Your Child That You Didn't Get?

So my wife and myself, we have five kids, and I, you know, they're already teenagers to early 20s as they're getting to be out of the kid stuff, but, except one of them is…

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What Do You Do When an Employee Makes a Serious Mistake?

You know if they really had noble purposes, then I think you should try to, and they're doing everything else good and great, I think that's just an opportunity for learning. If it's something that's…

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"Majority owner of the 2016 NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers"

Dan Gilbert is Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans Inc., the nation’s second largest mortgage lender. He is also Founder and Chairman of Rock Ventures LLC, the umbrella entity for his portfolio of business and real estate investments, and majority owner of the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Rock Ventures and its more than 100 affiliated companies across the country employ more than 30,000 team members.

Between 2013 and 2016, Detroit-based Quicken Loans closed more than $300 billion in home loan volume across all 50 states, and in 2016, for the seventh consecutive year, earned J.D. Power’s highest rating for client satisfaction among all U.S. mortgage lenders. Quicken Loans is No. 1 on Computerworld magazine’s “100 Best Places to Work in IT” and has been named one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for 14 consecutive years.

Dan is also a shareholder in several sports-related consumer and technology businesses, including a leading wall graphics company (Fathead), electronic ticketing company (Flash Seats) and innovative sports equipment helmet maker (Xenith).

Dan began moving his Family of Companies to Detroit’s central business district in 2010 in an effort to help lead the transformation of a great American city. In January 2010, Dan co-founded Bedrock Detroit, a full-service real estate firm specializing in purchasing, leasing, financing, developing and managing commercial space based in downtown Detroit. Since then, he has invested more than $2.2 billion to purchase and renovate more than 95 commercial properties accounting for more than 15 million square feet in the city’s urban core. Thousands of jobs have been created, and today nearly 17,000 Rock Ventures team members work in downtown Detroit.

Dan also founded JACK Entertainment, a developer and owner of unique urban casinos in downtown Cleveland, Cincinnati and Baltimore. In 2013, the company also acquired Detroit’s Greektown Casino-Hotel, which will be renamed as JACK Detroit Casino-Hotel Greektown later this year.

In March 2013, Rock Ventures, in collaboration with the Downtown Detroit Partnership and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, unveiled and implemented a visionary placemaking and retail plan centered on creating activity and vibrant, distinct destinations to draw people to the region using a multifaceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces.

Dan is a Founder and Principal of Detroit Venture Partners (DVP), a venture capital firm that funds startup and early-stage technology companies in Detroit. He is also a Founding Partner of Detroit-based private equity group Rockbridge Growth Equity LLC, which invests in growing businesses in the financial services, Internet technology, consumer-direct marketing and the sports and entertainment industries across the United States.

In September 2013, Dan was named co-chair of the Blight Removal Task Force. The group, appointed by the Obama Administration, published a detailed plan in May 2014 to remove all blighted structures and lots in the city of Detroit. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the M-1 RAIL initiative. The 6.6-mile modern streetcar system, known as QLINE, is designed to spur economic development and improve downtown and midtown Detroit’s transportation infrastructure.

Dan serves on the boards of the Cleveland Clinic, the Washington D.C.-based Children’s National Medical Center and the Children’s Tumor Foundation, which is focused on finding a cure for the genetic disorder neurofibromatosis.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and his law degree from Wayne State University.