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How Do You Overcome Indecision?

You overcome indecision by having clarity of purpose. Each of us has specific passions, a purpose to our life, what gives us meaning, and when we exercise our unique expression, which means you sing your…

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What Do You Do to Promote Employee Wellness?

You promote employee wellness by creating a system where you create a really good team, which means everybody in the employee network is using their best strengths, number one; number two, they complement each other's…

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What’s Your Morning Routine?

I wake up pretty early, around say 4:00 or 4:30 because I go to sleep also pretty early. Then I have a routine of yoga and meditation, and I'm done with that by about 6:00…

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What Is an Important Truth Very Few People Agree On?

At the most fundamental level of reality, we're all interconnected and inseparable. The subject-object split, which means the way we normally think, which is there's me and there's everybody else. There's me and the world;…

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What Makes Your Blood Boil?

I can say honestly, no, nothing makes my blood boil. I get frustrated, though, by looking at the insanity of the world right now. I recognize that there's no way to change other people, so…

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Is It Okay to Get Emotional at Work?

It's okay to get emotional whenever you feel like it, after all, emotions are a very important part of our being. You find emotions only in mammals. Mammals have a brain, called the limbic brain,…

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What’s Your Biggest Regret So Far?

I have no regrets, I'm actually happy that I did all the things that I did, which, in hindsight were addictive behavior and things like that. But I learned from that and I learned to…

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What Do You Hope People Get Out of Listening to Your Answers?

If my answers can make even one decision for you, one little insight that you have, then I would be very grateful that I did this interview.

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Who Do You Admire and Why?

My heroes and mentors were my parents. My father was a great humanitarian, he saw patients on weekends free of charge, my mother cooked food for them, they made sure they had enough money for…

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How Do You Keep Someone Focused During a Personal Crisis?

It's easy to keep somebody focused if they remind themselves to come back to the present moment. And they can do that by observing their breath, or observing the sensations in their body, and recognizing…

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What Do You Do When Team Members Fight?

You sit down with them and ask them the following four questions which are part of a well-known process called non-violent communication. What are you observing? These are the facts, not what you're feeling. Just…

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Where Do You Go to Rejuvenate?

I go to rejuvenate to my inner silence. I meditate every day for two hours in the morning. I practice yoga. And once a year I take a week of total silence, where I disengage…

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What Is Your Worst Work Experience?

My worst work experience was over 45 years ago when I was training as a resident and a fellow in medicine and neuroendocrinology, and I realized I was hurting my patients by ignoring my own…

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What's Your Management Style?

I go with the flow, my management style is no resistance, no regrets, no anticipation, just this moment as it is. I developed this style by understanding that success is overrated. People stress out and…

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What Are Your 3 Must-Dos Everyday?

The first must-do is I do my morning routine. The second must-do is catch myself when I'm thinking only about myself, and the third must-do is make a call and speak to my family if…

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"World-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine"

Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, is an immigrant who was born in New Delhi, India, moved to the United States in 1970, and became a citizen in 1984. He is an American author, lecturer and music composer who has contributed to seven albums and written over eighty-five books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times best sellers.  One of his songs Do You Love Me featuring Demi Moore hit #10 on Billboard and remained on the chart for thirteen weeks. He recited Nehru’s “Spoken at Midnight” speech on Ted Nash’s Presidential Suite, which won the Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album in 2017. TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.” As the founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of Jiyo and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, he is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation.