Francesco Venturini

Enel Head of Global E-Solutions

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What's the Hardest Part About Being a CEO?

You need to make sure that [the person] who talks to you always feels comfortable in saying the truth. Otherwise, again, you get false information, you get false data and when you try to make…

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How Long Have You Gone Without Sleep Because of Work?

I'm pretty balanced and I like to sleep. So at the end I've done probably was to leave around midnight, one o'clock in the morning and get back to the office at seven. But it's…

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What’s Your Morning Routine?

What I do, I try to stay fit, but I, you know, it's not working! So I like to go swimming, I get up very early in the morning around six o'clock. I go to…

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What Role Does Data Play in Your Decision-Making Process?

Data is getting more and more important, obviously. I mean, what you really need is not so much the data itself, it's somebody who is helping you in making some sense out of the data.…

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What Is Your Must-Ask Job Interview Question?

Why [would] you like to work for us? There are different answers for that. I think that the good thing is that most of the people right now are driven by different things other than just…

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What's the Most Surprising Thing About Being a CEO?

The most surprising thing is to see the passion in the people that work for you. Sometimes it's not related to the business, sometimes it's not related to the financial results. It's related to something…

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Who Do You Surround Yourself With in Business?

I like to work in a team with people [that] essentially feel comfortable together. I really value the fact that people can get into my office and tell me whatever they feel. Obviously, I mean I…

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Tell Us About a Mistake You Made and What You Learned

I would say probably the biggest mistake that I tend to make is to fall in love with the solution instead of falling in love with the problem. When you think you know your sector…

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How Do You Keep Long-Term Employees Motivated?

We rotate people a lot, we try to give them new motivations. We try to put them in a situation where they feel very uncomfortable, so out of their comfort zone. I would say that…

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How Do You Manage a Culturally Diverse Team?

Be careful obviously what you're saying, because sometimes what you're saying in one culture doesn't sound the same in a different culture. So you need to study a bit, that's for sure. To make sure…

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What Role Does Instinct Play in Your Decision-Making Process?

A lot, I think I'm something in between, you know, a guy who really believes in his gut feeling, and at the same time I'm kind of analytical. So I'm trying to mix the two…

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Do You Need a College Education to Succeed?

No, not really, it's not a matter of college education, it's a matter of, you know experience in the world. Like I said, I mean, there are a lot of people with very impressive CVs,…

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What Is Your Worst Work Experience?

I was 26, 27, and I had to shut down a company in Venezuela at the time. So I was sent down there, I was very young, and I had to fire essentially 10 people.…

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"Born in New York"

Born in New York in 1968, Mr. Venturini graduated cum laude in Economics from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, Italy where he also served as assistant professor of Banking Strategies and Techniques during the academic year 1991-1992.

Mr. Venturini is a London Business School alumnus and in 2015 he has been awarded an MBA at the MIT Sloan Business School.

At the onset of his career Mr. Venturini served as Financial Controller for Elsag Bailey Process Automation, a Finmeccanica group company, taking part in its listing on the NYSE. He later became Chief Financial Officer for several companies of the Elsag Bailey Process Automation and Hartmann & Braun groups in both the United States and Brazil.

He joined the Enel Group in 1997 as Head of Administration and Management Control at Enel S.p.A., contributing to the company listing on the New York and Milan Stock Exchanges. Mr. Venturini later became Head of Internal Audit within Enel's Distribution and Market Division, and subsequently, Head of Sales Administration within the same division. In 2009, he was appointed Head of Finance in Enel Green Power. Afterwards, he worked at Enel Green Power North America, first taking on the role of Head of Business Development and later, in 2011, as Head of the North America Area. In May 2014, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Enel Green Power.

He was appointed Enel's Head of Global E-Solutions in May 2017.