Heidi Messer

Collective[i] Co-Founder & Chairman

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What Advice Would You Give a First-Time Manager?

For first time managers, it's very much an impulse to first do everything yourself and to rely on the skills that got you to the place where you're managing people. I think the most important…

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How Do You Manage Your Emails?

Not very well. I think if I go back to my office right now I've got over 6,000 in my inbox that are unread. I know I've read everything about this. You know, only look…

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What’s the Most Important Skill You Use That School Did Not Teach You?

I would say empathy. Having the ability to understand other people's perspectives. I think school is very good at teaching you how to acquire knowledge and that is very, very important. Figuring out where to…

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What’s the Most Surprising Thing About Being a CEO?

The most surprising thing about being the head of an organization is that you have responsibility for everything, everyone, every decision and every outcome. What that means is there's never a moment when you're really…

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How Do You Give Critical Feedback?

There's a certain baseline that you must have to be able to give critical feedback, and that's trust and respect. I think if there isn't that relationship in place it's impossible. And once I've established…

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Tell Us About a Mistake You Made and What You Learned

So I've made so many mistakes. I couldn't even, I could talk to you for 30 minutes about the mistakes I've made. You know, there's times when you listen to everyone and then there's times…

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What Rituals Do You Perform Before a Stressful Task?

Well, I think I'm one of those rare people where work actually calms me down. It doesn't get me more stressed, so for me, being very busy is something that reduces stress. I think some…

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What Was Your Last Dream?

Well, I don't sleep a whole lot. That's the other thing that, if you're asking for advice, all the research that I've read, it said sleep is super, super important, so I tend to have…

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If You Could Write a Letter to Your 21-Year-Old Self What Would You Say?

If I could write a letter to my 21-year-old self, I would tell her to worry a little less, I would tell her to question herself a lot less, and I would say, other than…

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How Do You Find Great Talent?

I think the most effective way to source talent is through a network. When you find people who are referred from other people that you respect and have skills, they tend to cluster. I call…

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"Serves on advisory boards for Dell, NBC Universal and AMEX OPEN"

Heidi Messer has been an active entrepreneur and investor in the digital economy since the commercialization of the Internet. She currently serves as Co-Founder and Chairman of Collective[i]. Collective[i] is reinventing the way B2B sales executives, operators and professionals manage revenue. Collective[i] (short for Collective Intelligence) hosts a global network, technology and applications designed to grow revenue for enterprise sales organizations using data, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Prior to Collective[i], Heidi and her brother, Stephen Messer, co-founded LinkShare Corporation, host to one of the world’s largest online affiliate networks representing the world’s premier publishers and merchants on the web. The company is widely considered to be a pioneer in the world of SaaS, digital advertising and the sharing economy. Under Heidi’s leadership, LinkShare was recognized by Deloitte and Touche for two consecutive years as the fastest growing technology company in the New York Region. Heidi served as a board member, President and Chief Operating Officer of LinkShare until its sale to Rakuten for $425 million in 2005.

Heidi is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world and universities on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and advertising, business intelligence and the future of Internet services. She has been cited in various publications, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Vogue Magazine, the NY Post, The Nikkei, Women’s Wear Daily and Chief Executive Magazine. Heidi has also appeared on national television and radio programs including the Today Show, Rock Center with Brian Williams, Business Talk Radio, CNBC, Fox News, CBS Morning News and the Fox Morning Show. Heidi has received several honors including being selected as one of 2012’s 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs.

Heidi serves on the board of AllianceBernstein, the Partnership for NYC, the Brown Women’s Leadership Council and the Brown Entrepreneurship Program as well as advisory boards for the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins, Dell Computers, NBC Universal and American Express OPEN.

Heidi received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. She received her juris doctorate from Harvard Law School graduating cum laude.