Nick Taranto

Plated Co-Founder

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What’s the Most Important Skill You Use That School Did Not Teach You?

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What Advice Would You Give a First-Time Manager?

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Can They Be Made?

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How Do You Fit Exercise Into Your Day?

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What Do You Do to Promote Employee Wellness?

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What Was One of the Toughest Moments in Your Life?

So when we were just starting the business we were four months into the business in 2012 we decided to relaunch on October 29th 2012, which is the same day that Hurricane Sandy hit New…

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Describe the Internet to Someone Who Just Woke up From a 30-Year Coma.

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Do You Need a College Education to Succeed?

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How Do You Write an Email That Actually Gets Read?

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Describe the Best Boss You've Ever Had.

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If You Could Write a Letter to Your 21-Year-Old Self What Would You Say?

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Is Micromanagement Always Bad?

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What Is the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

At various points in my life the worst piece of advice has also been the best, and by that I mean to go and start something, you by definition have to be a contrarian because…

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What Was the Worst Advice Someone Gave You?

The worst piece of advice I ever got, was to stay on Wall Street for two years. I went and I was absolutely miserable six months in. And people said "oh just stick it out…

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What Do You Splurge on in Your Business That's Worth It?

We splurge on people, we're really scrappy, we got chairs in the office that don't work all the time and couches that fall apart when you lean too heavily on them but we will splurge…

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Tell Us About a Mistake You Made and What You Learned

Cash is king. There have been so many books that have been written about cash is king. You really don't fully internalize that until you're looking at payroll and understanding that you're gonna miss it.…

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Do You Have Any Tips for Managing Millennials?

Managing millennials, it can be a real challenge, it can be tough. I mean I am a millennial, right? I know managing myself can be challenging. I think the biggest thing to keep in mind…

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How Do You Come up With Your Best Ideas?

Our people come up with our best ideas. We've built our culture around decentralizing authority and decisionmaking and we put a lot of responsibility in the hands of our team leads and our individual contributors…

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How Do You Compete With Rivals?

Competition is a really interesting, full topic. I think we could spend half an hour talking about it. On the one hand if you have no competitors, it means you're either after an opportunity that…

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What Role Does Data Play in Your Decision-Making Process?

Data is a beautiful thing but it can also destroy your company. Analysis paralysis has killed countless startups and big companies. The market moves incredibly quickly and you can spend, literally, months, quarters or years…

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What Is Your Must-Ask Job Interview Question?

If you were to walk on stage, what theme song would be playing? Betty Liu: Why? Nick: I think you just throw people off a little bit and then you see how they react to…

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What Is Your Biggest Time-Saving Trick?

For a long time, I wore shoes with no laces and that saved 30 to 60 seconds each day, multiply that out by a year and you're talking about six or seven hours.

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What's Your Power Food?

I've been training for an iron man, so I've been eating between four and 6,000 calories a day and what I discovered recently is cricket protein. It's sustainable protein that just blends into things and…

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What Are Your 3 Must-Dos Everyday?

The three things I do every day are tell my baby girls I love them, I keep a journal, so I journal every day, and I get my heart rate above 100 beats per minute…

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"Served as an infantry officer in the U.S. Marine Corps"

Nick Taranto is the Co-founder of Plated. Founded in June of 2012, Plated is on a mission to use data and technology to create a world where healthy, affordable, and delicious food is available for everyone. Today Plated delivers everything you need to cook a chef-designed dinner at home in around 30 minutes. Plated delivers dummy-proof recipes and all of the premium ingredients directly to your door so that you can make cooking a convenient & sustainable part of your life. Plated has raised over $75 million in venture capital and has shipped millions of meals across the United States.

Nick received his MPA and MBA from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School and his BA from Dartmouth. He served as an infantry officer in the US Marine Corps and worked at Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. Nick is a husband, cofounder of two young daughters, and a fan of esoteric endurance events.