Nido Qubein

High Point University President

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How Do You Redefine Culture?

We redefine our culture at High Point University by making sure we understand first, why people do what they do. It's all about behavioral economics. What is it that causes you to do what you…

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What Book Changed Your Life?

Every morning between four o'clock and six o'clock, I invest my time in reading. I love to read books. Because think what a book is. It is the condensed knowledge that a person, the author,…

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How Do You Find Great Talent?

The three P's in every organization are these: people, process and product. It's not too difficult to create a product. You have the right engineers, and the right innovators, they can create the product. It's…

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What Is Your Favorite Motivational Quote?

I believe wholeheartedly in the biblical, scriptural saying, "To whom much is given, much is required." And I don't think that just means money. Clearly, if we're blessed in our life, we ought to bless…

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What’s the Most Important Skill You Use That School Did Not Teach You?

The most important skill in my own life, I have discovered the hard way, is relational capital. Understanding how to not only communicate with people, but how to connect with them. How to not only…

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How Do You Give a Great Presentation?

An effective presentation before an audience is not one that you perform, is not something that you do to them, but rather it's something that you experience with them. So the most important question a…

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What Is the Most Important Soft Skill for a Manager?

A manager, of course, manages a process, a leader grows and inspires people. There is a measurable difference between the two. It's easy to teach someone how to manage a process. All you have to…

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Do You Need a College Education to Succeed?

Obviously I'm a university president, and of course I believe that every person should have a college education. But let me illustrate. Not only to get a diploma, but rather to go through the journey,…

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Is Micromanagement Always Bad?

In leadership we learn so many terms. You know, macromanagement, micromanagement. What does it mean? How does it apply to us? Look, there is a time for everything. There's a time when you can just…

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What Happened to You as a Child That Changed Your Life?

Each of us is the product of the turning points in our life. For me, my father died when I was six years of age. Sometimes someone interviewing me would ask me this question, "If…

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If You Could Write a Letter to Your 21-Year-Old Self What Would You Say?

Believe in yourself. Never give up. Understand that who you spend time with is who you become. Acknowledge that what you choose is what you get. Maybe somehow understand that how you change is how…

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Who Do You Admire and Why?

In my life, I've been privileged to know so many people, talented, skilled, successful people. That's a treasure indeed. You know, the one person I admire the most is my mother. My mother who was…

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How Do You Build a Strong Personal Brand?

My personal brand is about service. I believe that I invest 1/3 of my life in earning, 1/3 of my life in learning, and 1/3 of my life in serving. A brand could be defined…

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How Do You Find a Mentor?

No person is an island. We all need the help of others. We all need heroes, models, mentors in our lives. And sometimes mentors could be found in your own community, in your own society,…

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What Do You Hope People Get Out of Listening to Your Answers?

When any one of us is exposed to a learning session, whether you're Radiating, or whether you are sitting in an audience or whether you're reading a book, it seems that what we get out…

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"Became 7th president of High Point University in 2005"

Dr. Nido R. Qubein serves as president of High Point University in High Point, NC. Since 2005, Qubein has led HPU on a meteoric rise by increasing enrollment by 245% (from 1,450 to 5,000 students), growing net assets by 1,305% (from $56M to $787M), adding five academic schools (Communication, Health Sciences, Art & Design, Pharmacy, and Undergraduate Sciences), and attracting $350 million in philanthropic investments. His family is among the institution's most generous donors.

Prior to his role as HPU president, Qubein rose to prominence as an internationally known leadership speaker and consultant who has given more than 7,000 business presentations worldwide.

He serves on the corporate boards of several Fortune 500 companies including BB&T, La-Z-boy, and nThrive. Qubein is also executive chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Company.

His awards and honors are too numerous to list, but a few highlights include induction into the Horatio Alger Association for Distinguished Americans – along with Oprah Winfrey and Colin Powell. He is also the recipient of the DAR Americanism Award and, along with four U.S. presidents, and the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Dr. Qubein has also been recognized as the citizen and philanthropist of the year in his home city of High Point, NC.

He came to the United States as a teenager with limited knowledge of English and only $50 in his pocket before going on to partner with businesses in banking, real estate, publishing, and retail.

As a passionate advocate for leadership development, Dr. Qubein teaches all High Point University freshmen through his President’s Seminar on Life Skills, along with a companion course for HPU seniors.

Nido Qubein resides in High Point, NC with his wife Mariana (also a HPU alumnus).