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Scott Kurnit



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"Programming director of the world’s first fully interactive cable system"

Scott Kurnit is an early stage investor, Chairman of Keep.com and on the Boards of Brightcove, the Stein Eriksen Lodge, and Wisdo.

Kurnit founded and served as chairman and CEO of About, Inc. as it grew to a public market value of $1.7 billion and was the fifth largest of all Web properties. About invented or popularized important Internet staples such as blogging, content SEO and contextual pay-per-click advertising. He sold About US to Primedia for $724 million. About was then owned by the New York Times Company and is now owned by IAC.

Kurnit has founded four companies, all of which continue operating today. He holds four patents, led the team that embedded the first Web browser into an online service, started the first Pay Per View cable network, and co-led the team that implemented the first use of national caller ID. He was also the youngest program director in the PBS system and served as program director for Qube, the world’s first fully interactive cable system. He was president of Showtime Event Television when it generated the largest one night gross in the entertainment business and aired the first rock concert (broadcast in 70 countries) from the former Soviet Union. He has been a filmmaker, TV director, station program manager, marketer, and CEO. He has worked at the highest levels of Warner, Viacom, News Corp., PBS, IBM, and MCI companies.


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