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Sir Kensington's Co-Founder

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What Do You Splurge on in Your Business That’s Worth It?

Something we splurge on in our business that is absolutely worth it is company retreats. You might call them off sites, you might call them annual meetings. But I think there's, especially a company like…

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How Do You Conduct Performance Reviews?

We have twice-annual reviews, so really, every six months, and in those reviews, we ask team members to do a self-assessment, where they assess how they're doing in their role, how they're meeting their goals,…

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How Do You Fire Someone?

We really approach it by first making sure that people understand long before it gets to that point clearly what might need to change about their behavior or might need to change about the way…

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What Was the Low Point in Your Career?

You know, when we founded the business, we had certain roles, and as co-founders, you kind of do everything, but there needs to be an active approach to asking what is the best way that…

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How Do You Celebrate Success?

We love to celebrate success publicly by really shining a light on the people who are able to make that success possible and giving praise. Praise should be given very specifically. What was the act…

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How Do You Know When Someone Is Ready to Be a Manager?

When they demonstrate two things. One is a focus on others above themselves. We see management and leadership as the ability to eliminate barriers for your team. If they are proactively looking at challenges that…

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How Are Millennials Different From Previous Generations Entering the Workforce?

I think millennials are asking questions that previous generations may not have asked, and very importantly I think this is why it's happening, and how it's happening is because of the way that information flows…

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What Do You Do When Team Members Fight?

I tend to take the stance of a facilitator. A lot of my philosophy around leadership and management is around the ability to communicate and to listen and to speak. And I think a lot…

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What Would You Do if You Found out You Had Two Weeks Left to on Earth?

I would want to spend it with the people that I love. I'd want to spend it with my loved ones. I love a lot of people, I have a lot of friends. I would…

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What’s the Most Effective Marketing Technique You Use?

So the first is what I call guilty by association. So from a very early age of Sir Kensington we made sure that people that were already trusted in food and in culture, chefs, influencers…

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When Did Customer Feedback Make You Change Something?

When we started, our ketchup was chunkier, it was earthier, it was actually too different for most people. It had its core lovers, right, it had its core group of true fans, but putting it…

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When Did You Know Your Business Was Validated?

As soon as we started to meet people, that we didn't know, but that knew our products, when someone would meet me and say, oh, I know your ketchup or I know your mayonnaise, but…

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Where Did You Get the Idea for Your Company?

It was 2008, and we were still in college at the time. And we had this recognition that food in America was changing for the better, but condiments, and in particular, ketchup, really hadn't changed…

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What’s Your Management Style?

My management style, my leadership style is really to think first about communication and recognize that it is communication between two people. That is actually the foundation of how a company interacts internally and externally.…

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How Do You Help Employees Adapt To Fast Changes?

What I think what we've found in times of rapid change is that it's always really important to focus on what the big picture is. And what the goals are. And make sure that everyone…

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"Named one of Fast Company's "Most Creative People in Business""

Scott Norton is co-founder of Sir Kensington's, makers of condiments with character. With a mission to bring integrity and charm to ordinary and overlooked food, Sir Kensington's condiments have become an integral offering at the leading retailers and restaurants across the US.

As an organization, Sir Kensington's combines an innovative high-growth startup environment with a values-driven natural foods company, all personified by a fabled English gentleman. In April 2017, Sir Kensington’s was acquired by Unilever to join a family of global food brands, and help define the future of good food and good business.

Scott has been named one of Fast Company's “Most Creative People in Business” and listed on Forbes' “30 Under 30.” Previous to founding Sir Kensington’s, he began his career at Lehman Brothers in Tokyo and traveled across 23 countries in Asia on a folding bicycle. Scott is an alumnus of Brown University and a member of the University’s Advisory Council on Entrepreneurship.

Follow along with @sirkensingtons and @swhnorton on Twitter.