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What’s an Effective Perk to Attract Top Talent?

A great way to offer top talent to a startup, obviously, is to offer equity. So, make everybody feel like an owner and a partner in the business, and then you're really all aligned with…

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How Do You Prioritize Your To-Do List?

My to-do list, really, I have a list, I have a notebook, with a list every day. And I try and just check things off every day. And then that week, if the item hasn't…

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What’s Your Morning Routine?

My morning routine changes depending on the day. So sometimes I get up and my trainer comes, and I go to work out, and then I get dressed and go to the office. Some days…

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What Would You Do All Over Again?

What I would do all over again is to tell my younger self to speak up, and to believe in myself more. You know, when you're young you think, oh, well somebody has more experience,…

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What Is the Most Important Soft Skill for a Manager?

So, emotional intelligence is really critical. And then seeing a point where maybe someone needs a push, or someone needs support, I would say EQ is a soft skill that I look for.

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What’s a Specific Problem for Women in the Workplace?

My biggest issue for women is unequal pay. Throughout my career in doing four private equity deals with Jimmy Choo, I realized that I wasn't paid equal to the men that were working for me.…

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If You Could Write a Letter to Your 21-Year-Old Self What Would You Say?

I would say in the letter to my 21 year old self that using my voice is the most important thing and speaking up, knowing my value, asking for what I'm worth and believing that…

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Who Do You Admire and Why?

There are many many people I admire. I think what Steve Jobs did is incredible. I think I admire what Michael¬†Bloomberg has done. I admire Cheryl Sandberg.¬†I admire a lot of people who've created the…

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What Do You Hope People Get Out of Listening to Your Answers?

I hope people learn because really people can't learn unless you tell the truth when I wrote my book In My Shoes and I told the story of building Jimmy Choo I also had my…

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Where Did You Get the Idea for Your Company?

So really thinking about what was going to happen to the fashion industry, which we've seen now the department stores are in free fall, the industry is in crisis, the fashion industry is very much…

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What Mistake Did You Make That You Hope Your Child Doesn't Repeat?

My biggest mistake was not knowing my value, and I hope that she won't repeat that. I hope she values herself.

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What Do You Wish For Your Child That You Didn't Get?

So, I wish for my daughter, I want my daughter to go to college, because I ain't go to college. I want her to have an amazing education. And I want her to have a…

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"Former accessories editor at British Vogue"

Tamara Mellon is an entrepreneur, a founder, and a shoe designer. In 1996, at age 27, she left her post as an accessories editor at British Vogue to co-found a company with an East London cobbler named Jimmy Choo. Over the following 16 years, she built one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world and discovered what she loves to do most: design shoes and break rules. In 2016, Tamara launched her own eponymous luxury shoe label in a decidedly untraditional way: No retailers. Direct to women. Shoes designed and fit-tested by women and made by generations-old Italian factories. Tamara Mellon and her namesake brand are based in Los Angeles.